Travis W. Rogers

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Wading In the Deep End: Difficulties In Scripture & Theology

Ever find yourself asking those kind of questions that, unfortunately, most people shy away from? Ever pondered some of the deeper "mysteries" of God only to find a Sunday School answer that just doesn't quite cut it anymore? Wading In the Deep End seeks to answer many of those tough questions with a Biblical response. Whether it be spiritual gifts, where Jesus went when he died, predestination, or any of the other subjects covered, Wading is sure to leave you with something to chew on.

[TULIP]s & [ROSE]aries: Weeding Out False Doctrine

So you think you're a Protestant? Can you tell me what you are protesting? This is the question we all must ask ourselves. Unfortunately, it is the question many seem to be without an answer for. Take a look into history regarding the Roman Catholic Church and the Reformed Protestant views of the doctrines of grace. It is only when we know our past and our present that we can truly understand the marvelous grace of God and how He has chosen to display His love for us through a means that we can only partially grasp this side of Heaven.